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You shape Enactus and Enactus shapes you

Enactus is a platform. A platform that makes it possible to turn ideas into sustainable startups. A platform that turns ideas into reality. Enactus enables its members to create and scale social and sustainable startups!

What do we offer?


A chance for you to use your motivation, your skills and your ideas for a better world.


A chance for you to develop your potential and encourage yourself to be your best self - both in professional and personal relationships.


A chance for you to meet new and inspiring people and to be part of a global network.

Who are we looking for?

In principle and in practice, it is the people who drive Enactus forward! We are grateful for our different worlds of experience, but we also celebrate our common strengths by fostering a climate of respect, different perspectives and expertise.




Enactus is diversity. Since we are committed to preserving an inclusive space, there is not one type of enactee and not one category of character traits. But there are traits we have in common and people we often see in Enactus. Maybe you can identify with one of them!


Innovation is your passion? You want to change the status quo and realize your ideas?


You have technical understanding or skills to create sustainable solutions to improve precarious living conditions?


You assess people and their talents realistically? You are sensitive to group dynamics and promote the potential of your comrades?

We, Enactus, are all this and much more. We are a community of people with an understanding of business and a heart for the world. We believe in the ability of an entrepreneurial spirit to create a better tomorrow for the people of today...

Statements from Ex-Enactees

Andrej Safundzic

Lumos | Capital 40 under 40

"Enactus was THE best way into entrepreneurship. Since then, I have started three companies. Enactus showed me how fulfilling it is to work entrepreneurially on difficult social challenges."

Franziska Kailer

Product Manager @ Infineon | System Coach | Enactus World Champion 2013

"Enactus has given me the platform to take on responsibility very early in my life and acquire essential leadership skills as a board member and spokesperson for the German teams. The open feedback culture and hands-on mentality give every Enactee the opportunity to outgrow themselves in a very short time. I benefit from this not only every day as a product manager, but also in my private life."

Lotte Schmidt

Consultant @ Climate Partner

"Enactus Munich has shown me what interdisciplinary teamwork means. The diversity of expertise but also personalities have always made every project and every team meeting a special event!"

Your path to Enactus

The application phase for the current winter semester 22/23 has started. The deadline for your application is 29.10.2022. Please also note the currently available positions of our projects and departments.
29.10.2022 Extended
Application Deadline
29.10.2022 Extended
Info & Networking Day
31.10 - 7.11.2022
Interview Period
31.10 - 7.11.2022
General Onboarding
Recruiting Event (All Enactees)

You can take a look at our currently available positions here.

A picture says more than a thousand words

Apply with us now and experience the Enactus spirit first hand.

What to expect

Double structure

During your first semester at Enactus, you will work in two different teams - one Department and one Project team - to get to know the whole association better. After that you can stay in both teams or choose one full time. Operations & Innovation are except from the double structure; members of this department cannot work in a project at the same time.


Collaboration in the Enactus Munich

appox. 5h / week
1 Team Meeting per week

Berater enactus muenchen


Collaboration within one of the international projects

appox. 5h / week
1 Team Meeting per week


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.
Rachelle Trotman, HR & Events