Our Motto

Reshaping tech resource circulation in a socially impactful way.







The Problem

E-waste is an emerging worldwide problem. In the absence of proper collection and disposal systems, awareness and proper regulations, e-waste will continue to grow and be hazardous to the environment. The volume of e-waste calls for immediate attention to the management of e-waste in general and their recycling and reuse. 

Furthermore, companies have expressed the desire to have better solutions for the disposal of unused office equipment and other devices. Start ups or companies in developing countries who lack such resources can benefit from proper e-waste management in which they can acquire equipment no longer in use.

Our project addresses the following Sustainable Development Goals:

The Solution

Corecyc aims to close the e-production waste cycle for a cleaner environment. We’re designing a socially impactful service for renting and recycling devices. The supplier chooses whether they want to rent or recycle the device and we take it from there.


  • Created the project this year
  • Conducted market research.

The Team Leads

Viktor Bozanic

Project Lead

Daniel Barros

Project Lead