We strive for a socioeconomic change in Uganda, by unlocking the potential of the Ugandan youth and future generations through entrepreneurial education.







the problem

With almost 17 million students aged 14 and lower, Uganda has one of the youngest populations in Africa. Most of the students in Uganda drop out of secondary school due to the tuition fees. Even if there are no tuition fees, the opportunity associated with having children financially support their families by earning money rather than sending them to school is too alluring.

Children in classroom

Our project adresses the following Sustainable Development Goals :

the solution

EduGlobe's education program tackles several youth unemployment problems in Eastern Africa at the roots. We aim to provide students aged 12-18 years with the skills to financially support themselves and their families through entrepreneurial action. EduGlobe teaches students in Uganda entrepreneurial basics and practical skills. They produce and sell their own products, mainly tailoring products, soap and snacks. Profits are reinvested and partially cover their educational fees. By opening up their own small businesses, they can support their families and local communities.

After a starting investment the curriculum lessons can be paid of by themselves. Only the salaries of our teachers are left to be paid off otherwise.

In September 2020 we bought half a hectare of land, which we are managing. On one side we can impart new knowledge to our workers about agriculture within our curriculum, on the other side we can pay off our teachers throughout the selling of our products. Our project is now financially sustainable in the long term!

the team in munich

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