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Our Vision

Building a network without borders







The Problem

Enactus is a global organization with multiple projects operating in Sub-Saharan Africa. Given the scope of the organization, it’s not facile to share knowledge or resources between the different projects. This is especially challenging if these projects belong to Enactus organizations located in different countries or even continents.

However, the sharing of knowledge and resources is needed to help projects progress and avoid making mistakes that other projects have made. Additionally, there are budding Enactus projects in the region who could benefit from increased exposure. Such exposure can lead to new partnerships, new members or even new investors. UP addresses this by creating a network for projects to communicate, collaborate and support each other.

Our project adresses the following Sustainable Development Goals :

The Solution

Originating in Uganda, the UP! network connects projects in Sub-Saharan Africa and provides resources that can help projects overcome obstacles or reach the next level. Projects within the network have the opportunity to connect with experts and gain knowledge on topics from improving the business model to marketing and much more. There is also ground support for each project where they can contact the appointed local associate should they need urgent assistance or a local’s perspective. Occasionally, projects can also benefit from expert talks and consulting workshops. At UP! we do not allow national borders to hinder our networking.


  • Established a network of 10+ projects based in Sub-Saharan Africa
  • Expanded into four (4) different countries in Sub-Saharan Africa: Kenya, Guinea-Bissau, Ghana, Togo

Some projects in our network

The Team Leads

Erik Opgenorth

Team Lead

stavroula briseniou

Team Lead

Luca Fink

Project Lead

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