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Enactus Munich is part of the global Enactus network and unites approximately 120 motivated students from various universities in Munich. Our projects form the heart of the association and our sponsors and advisors form the basis. This allows us to have a more sustainable effect thanks to financial and professional support.

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With over 70,000 members in around 1,730 Enactus teams at colleges and universities in 37 countries, Enactus is the largest student entrepreneurship initiative in the world. By establishing independent non-profit organizations, we solve social and environmental problems with an entrepreneurial approach and thus contribute to the implementation of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.

our mission


Together, we want to contribute to the achievement of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations. As a team, we develop social innovations and implement them in various projects that solve existing problems in the long term. We ensure the sustainability of our work by founding non-profit organizations, which are to organize and finance themselves in the long term.

our story

Since 2009, our team has been committed to solving problems around the world. In particular, our projects promote education, integration, water supply, health and environmental protection. We regularly set up social, independent organizations to solve problems in the long term.

School Uganda

In 2013, we achieved our greatest success yet with the OneDollarGlasses project and won the Enactus World Cup. Today, EinDollarBrille e.V. is an independent association that has already sold over 100,000 low-priced glasses worldwide to give people in poverty the opportunity to see properly again.

On 17.01.2020 we celebrated our 10th anniversary with our members, supporters and sponsors. In a short video we have compiled the highlights of the last ten years for you.

our Association structure

The structure of the association forms the framework of our organization. The departments are the core of the association. They enable the projects to grow and survive sustainably.

our board

Our Board of Directors is the legal representative of Enactus Munich. At the same time, our board members are the heads of the four different Departments.

Maxim Meinert

Head of HR & Events

Matthias Conzelmann

Head of Finance & Law

Korbian Kuegler

Head of Operations & Innovation

Greta Grote

Head of Marketing, Sponsoring & Strategic Relations

our Projects

Our seven Projects are the heart of Enactus Munich. We operate globally on four continents in six different countries. Behind every project is a strong team that builds and advances the projects.

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Enactus Munich is part of the global Enactus network and thus part of the largest student entrepreneurship initiative in the world. We are also one of the largest of the more than 30 German teams. As a member of our association, you will work together with over 120 motivated students from various disciplines at Munich's universities to solve social and ecological problems sustainably.

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