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Our mission is to connect people and their skills through our network. We create a trustworthy and stable social network by promoting the exchange of Enactus projects active in Uganda.







the problem

Enactus exists worldwide and thousands of students invest time in their exciting projects every day. But we all make the same mistakes over and over again instead of learning from each other. Knowledge and existing ressources are missing a place to be shared. 

In addition, there is a lack of strong representation that represents our many, often very successful projects, to the outside world and thus gives access to new networks, large players and financing options. However, the everyday challenges of start-ups at project level make it difficult to actively search for new partners and networking opportunities in a bigger scale.

Especially in Germany, there are numerous projects that use their actions to improve the living conditions of the people in Uganda. This is where we come in!

Our project adresses the following Sustainable Development Goals :

the solution

We want to connect all the loose ends inside and outside the Enactus network by connecting start-ups with each other and with a network of experts. Those experts are precisely tailored to the needs of our projects and thus make their contribution to increasing the effectiveness of the projects through active knowledge management and the identification of needs and existing resources.

In this way, we not only support other Enactus teams in Germany in their work, we can also positively shape the lives of the people in Uganda at the same time.

In the long term, however, our problem solution fit is not only applicable to Uganda, but has plenty of room for expansion. Many African projects have already expressed their interest, which is why we do not allow any national borders to stop us in our networking.

the team

valerie zu Rhein

Project Lead

Erik Opgenorth

Project Management Trainee

stavroula briseniou

Project Coordinator

Roberta Cojocaru

Database Director

Greta Patt

Head of Cooperation

una urosev

Head of Marketing

Sophia ott

Internal Networker

Izzet Fatih Cetinkaya

Project- & Event Coordinator

Eva reißner

Content Editor

Lisa Schuchart


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