Our Departments.

The central functions of Enactus Munich.

Managing Enactus Munich.

The four departments of Enactus manage the association. Each department has a board member, who together form the Enactus board. All new Enactees first work in a department as well as in a project – except in the full-time department “Operations & Innovation”. There you specialize directly in one activity.


The Marketing department manages the external representation of Enactus Munich and raises awareness for the organization.

Operations & Innovation

The Operations & Innovation department is the strategic interface between Enactus projects and the Executive Board. It also facilitates the establishment of new projects.

Finance & Relations

The Finance & Relations department establishes a sustainable financial structure for Enactus and ensures that projects are operating in a legal manner. Additionally, the department manages all relations with external partners, such as sponsors and advisors.

HR & Events

The HR & Events department manages all members, handles all administrative tasks, and is responsible for Enactus Munich events.

The double structure

All new Enactees first work in a department as well as in a project. There, they specialize directly in one activity. Your time will be spent roughly evenly on both across a semester, with variation depending on the needs of the project and department at a given point in time.

After your first semester at Enactus Munich, you may opt to focus on only a department, or only on a project, or keep working in both.



Work in one of the projects of Enactus Munich.


Time spent working in one of the departments.