Frequently Asked Questions

The term “Social Entrepreneurship” refers to entrepreneurial activities that are innovative and committed to positive  changes in our society on the long term.

In your first semester, you will be assigned to both a department and a project. From the second semester onwards, you can use the insights you have already gained to decide whether you want to continue to be part of the department or the project, or whether you want to get involved in both areas.

There is a wide range of different tasks. An example of this is the “Needs assessment”, through which we use interviews with people affected by different problems to check how they can be effectively overcome. Other tasks are, for example, the recruitment of new sponsors and partners, the organization of various events, the planning and implementation of marketing campaigns, etc. 

After your admission, you can specify priorities for departments and projects. We’ll try to take your desires into account. If you’ll be assigned to another department/project: don’t worry! All teams deal with exciting topics and if you have any problems, we are always there for you!

After your first semester at Enactus, you can decide whether you want to continue to work in your department, your project, or both. If you have any concerns, you can always contact your team leader or the Board of directors. We will find a solution together (e.g. a change to another team).

Each project started with an idea to make the world a better place. In addition to supervising current projects, we also deal with a meaningful innovation process that takes into account the feasibility of new ideas. Your own ideas can become a new project in the long term!

There usually is at least a project meeting and a department meeting per week. In addition to this, you should account for independent work and research. In total, you should invest about 10 hours a week. 

We are all students, so studying is of course taken into account when organizing work. In order for this to succeed, we use, for example, availability calendars in which everyone enters their capacities. On the basis of this information, the corresponding department/project manager then organises the allocation of time within the team.

If, for example, you are doing a semester abroad or internship, you can temporarily reduce or suspend your commitment after consultation.

An up-to-date overview of our current projects can be found here

No, there is no official minimum duration. However, the longer you are involved, the more impact you can achieve.

No, it’s not necessary. We have a lot of international people in Enactus, so the meetings are often held in English. German and/or other languages are often helpful, but not a must.

No, absolutely not! Apart from the fact that there are many tasks that do not fall within the scope of business administration, our team thrives on the diversity of its students. The interdisciplinary exchange enables us all to learn valuable skills from other disciplines and to expand our own mindset with perspectives from other disciplines. At Enactus, we promote diversity and interdisciplinary work.

Yes, you can become part of our team at any time of your studies – what is most important is your team spirit and the will to work for a better world!

The membership fee is 20 € per semester and is used for the maintenance of the association, i.e. everything from the server costs of the website, membership administration to tax returns.