In our world, only students can be wasted

The Problem

Every day, countless tons of food end their journey in the trash rather than on the plates of those in need. Shockingly, about 1/3 of the world’s food production, approximately 1.3 billion tons annually, is discarded or wasted. This means millions of meals that could feed the hungry are thoughtlessly thrown away due to aesthetic flaws, planning errors, or expiration. Each time food is wasted, not only its nutritional value is lost, but also the water, energy, and labor that went into producing it. This issue affects not just the environment, but our conscience as well. How can we allow such extravagance when 690 million people worldwide suffer from hunger? Reducing food waste is not just an ecological necessity but primarily a moral imperative.

The Solution

Our startup’s app tackles food waste by turning grocery shopping eco-friendly. Users find local stores on the app, earning points for purchases which reflect their sustainability commitment. These points can be used to get food near expiration for free from a “leftover food shelf,” promoting sustainable habits and reducing waste. Participating stores join a local consumption network, gaining exposure and outsourcing product management and a loyalty program to boost profitability.



Launch of Fasoleo and completion of the first Prototype for testing and feedback


First customer (retail store) and first 30 users of the loyalty program

First Funding Round and Development of MVP

The Teamlead

Fernanda Pena

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