Feeding the Future - Recycling the Past

The Problem

The current practices of producing and transporting fish and soy meal for animal feed are causing significant environmental damage. These ingredients are predominantly sourced from overseas and transported to Germany, resulting in a substantial carbon footprint. The cultivation of soy often takes place in areas where deforestation is rampant, exacerbating environmental degradation. Fishmeal production, which involves not only leftovers but also fish caught specifically for this purpose, threatens marine biodiversity by depleting fish stocks.

The Solution

Our project presents a sustainable and innovative solution to these challenges by harnessing the potential of Black Soldier Fly larvae as an alternative to fish and soy meal in animal feed. This initiative not only offers a sustainable alternative for animal feed production but also fosters a local circular economy by converting potential waste into valuable resources. Our pilot initiative focuses on using spent grain as a feed source for the larvae.

The Teamlead

Leon Kastner

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