Improving the world through entrepreneurial action.

Unlike many other social initiatives, we create an individual business plan for each project. In this way, it is possible to implement our "good will" realistically under the given conditions: In the long term, our projects generate independent income on site in order to be independent of external donations and sponsors.

In your first semester we assign you to one Department and one Project . From the second semester on you can decide whether you want to remain part of the resort, the project or both – based on your previous impressions.

There is a broad variety of different tasks. One example is the particularly important “Need Assessment”, through which we examine via interviews with involved people where the problems are and how we can overcome them effectively. Another task, for instance, is the organisation of the recruiting of new sponsors, partners, etc.

After your admission to Enactus Munich you can specify priorities regarding resorts and projects. We’ll consider all of your choices. Nevertheless, if you get assigned to a different resort/project, no worries: all teams deal with exciting topics and if there are any inconveniences, we’ll always be there for you!

After your first semester at Enactus Munich you can decide whether you want to remain part of your department, your project, or both. If any problems occur you can always count on your team leader or the board and together we’ll find a solution (e.g. changing to another team).

Every project once began as an idea how to improve the world sustainably. Besides supervising the current projects, we also dwell on reasonable and on practicability focused innovation processes, of course. Your ideas can also develop into a new project in the long term!

For each project and ressort there is at least one meeting per week. On top of that self-contained work and research is necessary. Therefore we expect you to invest about 10 hours per week.

We’re all students, for this reason studies are taken into account when it comes to distributing the workload. To accomplish this, we use availability calendars where everyone can fill in their capacities. Based on this information the responsible resort/project leader coordinates the distribution of work within the team.

If you study a semester abroad or do an internship, just tell us and you can temporarily reduce or intermit your engagement.

We have the following Departments

  • Marketing
  • HR & Events
  • Operations
  • Finance & Relations

Up-to-date overviews of our present projects in Germany and worldwide can be found here:

-> See projects

No, there’s no official minimum duration. Nevertheless, you can generate more impact, the longer you remain part of Enactus Munich.

Yes, the motivational letter should not be longer than one page and you can get as creative as you wish to.

We speak German and English, other languages can often be an advantage but are no general requirement.

No, absolutely not! Besides the fact, that there are many tasks not related to the sphere of business, our team really profits from the diversity of our students. The interdisciplinary communication enables all of us to learn valuable skills from other fields and to expand our own mindset with perspectives of other disciplines. At Enactus we support diversity and interdisciplinary work.

Yes, you can join our team at any point in your studies – most importantly you have to be a team player and share our passion to create a better world!

The membership fee is 20€ per semester and is used to maintain Enactus München, i.e. everything from website server costs, membership administration to tax returns.