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the problem

Colombia is a divided country. The socio-economic milieu of the parents strongly determines the future prospects of many young people. A large part of the population cannot afford a good education for their children due to their origin from poorer backgrounds. Despite high ambitions for advancement, young people rarely succeed in breaking out of this milieu because they lack the perspective, financial resources and self-confidence.

At the same time, companies in Colombia can hardly score points in the fight for well-trained computer scientists due to the wage level. This leads to a shortage of skilled workers in the IT sector in Colombia. So there are many people with untapped potential and many companies that are looking for exactly this potential.


Our project adresses the following Sustainable Development Goals :

the solution

With our social startup Techdalo, we want to exploit this untapped potential and connect both sides. To this end, we finance selected young people a four-month IT training course at the renowned Bogota Institute of Technology, where they can choose between the areas of web development and data science. In this way, they quickly gain application-oriented IT knowledge and can record their first sense of achievement.

In addition, we provide each program participant with an on-site mentor who accompanies them on their way and gives them valuable motivation and insights from the IT industry. After completing their training, we, Techdalo, come back into play and refer the participants to one of our local partner companies. Thus, they can apply what they have learned in practice and receive positive feedback on their work as well as a real insight into the working world of a computer scientist and valuable contacts for their professional future.

the team

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Team Lead

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Business & Finance Lead

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